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ALTA Life-Stress Data Folio

In basic life data analysis, units are tested under normal use conditions in order to obtain information about a product’s failure behavior. In some cases, however, it is desirable to obtain this information more quickly than is possible with use level testing. For example, products with long lifetimes or short periods between design and release, as well as products that are operated continuously, may produce results too slowly with basic life data analysis.

The ALTA life-stress data folio is used to perform quantitative accelerated life testing data analysis. In this analysis, the engineer extrapolates a product’s failure behavior at normal conditions from life data obtained at accelerated stress levels. Since products fail more quickly at accelerated stress levels, this sort of analysis allows the engineer to obtain reliability information about a product (e.g., mean life, probability of failure at a specific time, etc.) in a shorter time. The ReliaWiki resource portal has more information on the basics of accelerated life testing at:


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